Accessibility and inclusion service

Promote telephone accessibility for your customer service and public service for deaf and hard of hearing people. Elioz Direct is an outsourced customer service in sign language and simplified language, provided by Deaf agents.

A step towards an inclusive society

Choosing Elioz Direct is working towards a more inclusive society. Our platform meets the needs of all profiles of Deaf and hard of hearing individuals in Canada.

Turn your accessibility plan into reality!

Our turnkey solution

How does it work?

Elioz Direct is a deaf-to-deaf telephone service. When a Deaf individual contacts a company’s support center, they are redirected to one of our Elioz Direct agents, who is also Deaf. Our agents have the skills to communicate in sign language with Deaf signing customers and are tasked with representing the customer service of businesses in sign language. These agents are trained by the companies and thus acquire the skills to provide customer service that reflects both the company’s identity and the Canadian Deaf community.

How to get Elioz Direct solution?

Make your business or services accessible to Deaf, hard of hearing, or communication-challenged individuals!